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 Any of you got taken by WoW?

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PostSubject: Any of you got taken by WoW?   Sun Apr 08, 2007 12:16 am

Yeah, I bet I was not the only one. Yeah it was all going great. Got to level 70, join a harcore raid guild, it was looking up. And as fast as i joined, i was BOOTED from the guild. I forgot it was a simple "test", or w/e you want to call it (trial?)! I spent the best hours of my life (What was left of it) in that guild. Was the BEST guild in the server, were the 1st to kill Doom Lord Kazzak, and Gruul. But, in the end when i was booted there was nothing left. It was really pointless to go to another guild, why? Why waist many MORE man hours on a crappyier guild, that might just fail in the end. Now WoW feels hollow if i go and try play it, after 70 you need to go to a good raid guild if you want to keep going. It was really funny when I think about it, I was "booted" due to not having enough mods for WoW.

(sorry for bad spelling/grammar)

End rant.
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PostSubject: Re: Any of you got taken by WoW?   Sun Apr 08, 2007 3:12 pm

Afraid yes i have played wow and vow never to again, it just takes up your entire life, but in saying that it was a nice experience to play that type of game, but hopefully will never go back lol Very Happy


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Any of you got taken by WoW?
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